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Incredibly customizable and long-lasting, tile flooring is the solution many homeowners turn to when they are ready to forever change the flooring of their home. It’s no wonder why tile has risen in popularity – it’s easy to clean and incredibly durable. With limitless color and design options, you can rest assured that your beautiful new tile design is unique to you and your tastes.

Since 1978, the team at Wilton’s Flooring has worked tirelessly to ensure you fall in love with your home’s flooring. We take the time to understand your specific needs, wants, and goals. Once our staff fully understands what it is you’re looking for, we discuss everything you need to know. From proper tile care to the best tile materials, we want you to become a tile expert as well.

We don’t just stop at floors. If you have a bathroom in need of a renovation, we can remove your old, outdated tubs and update it with a stunning new walk-in shower, complete with a gorgeous tile wall.

The right tile flooring or wall can make a perfect addition to any home, and yours is no exception. Work with our team of professionals by getting in touch with Wilton’s Flooring Inc. today. We can’t wait to help you take your home to the next level. Stunning design, unparalleled color, and quality installation – that’s just how we do things.

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