If your floors have lost the sheen they once had, don’t fret. With Wilton’s Flooring on your side, you can enjoy stunning floors once we’re done. We take time to strip the floor and apply fresh wax so you can enjoy your floor’s beauty for years to come. From the initial clean and wax to recoating, stripping to re-waxing, we do it all to ensure your floors remain in the best possible condition.

Keep your floors attractive and boost your property value. From terrazzo flooring to vinyl composite tile, we offer unparalleled results on any flooring material. At Wilton’s Flooring, we do our best to provide results you’ll love. Our staff has substantial experience waxing and stripping all kinds of floors, allowing us to approach every task with confidence and the right tools.

We use only top-quality equipment and cleaning products. Our formulas are also completely safe and gentle on your floors. For beautiful flooring that lasts, be sure to get in touch with the team at Wilton’s Flooring to set up your appointment.