Floor Stripping and Waxing

Have your floors lost their sheen? Do they look dull and dingy? Give us an opportunity to restore them to optimal condition for you. The wax is the wear layer that protects your flooring. So it is important to have a regular maintenance program in place. For Saltillo, Terrazzo, & VCT flooring we offer these services:

Initial Clean & Wax
Clean & Re-Coat
Strip & Wax
Depending on the condition we will recommend the appropriate service.

Our professional Stripping & Waxing services can keep your home in superb condition. It can keep your floors attractive, clean and devoid of noticeable imperfections. That can do a lot for your curb appeal and overall property value. It doesn't matter if you need assistance with terrazzo flooring, VCT vinyl composite tile or Saltillo flooring. We can offer you fine work.

Our staff is made up of the most diligent and capable floor cleaning experts in the region. They have substantial experience waxing and stripping all kinds of floors. If you want assistance from professional technicians who understand VCT vinyl composite tile, Saltillo flooring, terrazzo flooring and beyond, we'll never let you down. We employ Stripping & Waxing methods that are effective, thorough and detail-oriented.

We treat our customers' floors with all the care in the world. That's the reason we use only top-quality equipment and cleaning products. Our tool and formula choices are also totally safe and gentle.

Do you want beautiful and eye-catching flooring? Contact Wilton's Flooring without delay to set up an appointment. Our Stripping & Waxing work is tops. Our customer service is tops as well.

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